Buying the EduExo Kit

You can buy the EduExo Kit in the online shop of the company Auxivo AG.

Available Editions

There are two different editions of the EduExo Kit available. The Maker Edition is the perfect choice for you if you are on a budget or prefer to do everything yourself (including manufacturing of the parts and purchasing all components). The Boxed Edition provides you with all the parts you need to start right away. 

Maker Edition

The most affordable way to learn about robotic exoskeletons. If you have access to a 3D printer, a well-equipped toolbox and prefer doing things yourself? The EduExo maker edition is the right choice for you. You get the EduExo E-handbook (PDF) with the tutorial, STL files of the exoskeleton structure and a list of components you need to buy.

Boxed Edition

The easiest way to learn about robotic exoskeletons. The boxed version of the EduExo kit contains the printed handbook and all mechanical and electronic components to build the EduExo. You can start right away.

Muscle Control Extension

An extension to the EduExo kit (requires the basic kit) that teaches how to control the exoskeleton using muscle activity measurements. The extension adds a muscle activity sensor (EMG) and a new extension handbook with background information and tutorial.