Measuring Electromechanical Delay in the Biceps Muscle

Project by: Arash M. Gonabadi and Philippe Malcolm


Motion capture laboratories are often large spaces that are optimally designed for research but not for teaching. To address this challenge a group from the University of Nebraska at Omaha goal is developing tutorials that use EduExo as a "mini-motion capture system" that allows students to conduct biomechanics experiments in small groups.

In their first tutorial, they provide step-by-step instructions and Arduino code to visualize electromechanical delay in the m. biceps brachii (upper arm muscle). Studies have shown that there is a delay between the onset of electromyographical activity and the onset of measurable tension in the muscle. Knowledge of this delay can be useful for several applications such as interpretation of gait analysis data or intuitive control of exoskeletons.


This project is a great example of how the EduExo can be used in an university course to learn more about muscle activity measurement using electromyography (EMG).


The project might be of special interest to you if you would like to learn more about EMG measurements. The team kindly provided the original documentation to make it accessible for others. All the rights remain with the respective authors. You can find a download link below.


Link to the tutorial:


Citation: Gonabadi A M, Malcolm P (2018) “Tutorial: Using EduExo to visualize electromechanical delay in m. biceps brachii.”



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