EduExo Community Projects

This website is our and your platform to share projects that are based on, or related to, the EduExo kit. These are interesting projects from the EduExo community, or ideas we want to present to you that go beyond the EduExo handbook. If you have implemented any new add-on, a new game or even a complete new exoskeleton based on what you learned while using the EduExo kit, we invite you to contact us ( and we can present it on this website to share it with other EduExo users and the exoskeleton community.

List of Projects

ELEX - an EduExo Redesign


Submitted by a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences in Furthwangen, Germany. They did extensive redesigning of the EduExo hardware as a student project.

MiAssiSt Arm Support


Open source project on how to build an active, wheelchair mounted, arm support devices.





EMG - Experiment


A EduExo tutorial from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, US. Goal is to use EduExo as a "mini-motion capture system" that allows students to conduct biomechanics experiments in small groups.



EduExo Multiplayer Game


A classic two player pong-style game that is played against each other using two EduExos as controllers. Put a dumbbell in your hand and you get the perfect fitness game :-)


Project page in preparation.