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The former home of the educational exoskeleton kit EduExo. The EduExo robotic exoskeleton is an affordable STEM education kit for students, teachers, makers, and hobbyists. The EduExo kit won the Wearable Robotics Conference Innovation Competition in April 2017 and was successfully funded through Kickstarter in June 2017. Since its introduction, it has helped thousands of users to learn about exoskeleton technology.


Today, several versions of the EduExo are offered by the exoskeleton company Auxivo AG, a specialist for occupational exoskeletons founded by the same people who developed the EduExo. The original maker edition is free these days, so you can start learning about exoskeletons in around 2 minutes at no cost. Visit the Auxivo website, download your free maker edition and discover our fast-growing exoskeleton portfolio.